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Gravel Brake Kit - Subaru BRZ | 08> STi | Toyota GR86, Rear

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Front brake kit utilizing 4 piston forged monobloc caliper and fully floating rotor, designed specifically for use with 15" gravel wheels. Developed to provide the superior performance for Open Class and regional competition.

PFC ZR94 caliper's monobloc design increases stiffness for a firm, consistent pedal feel. The internal fluid crossover eliminating the risk of damage or failure compared to calipers with an external crossover pipe.

The 294mm x 28mm PFC caliper and disc is the same as fitted to the rear of the latest homologated Rally3 cars (in tarmac and gravel spec).

Caliper piston diameters are sized to provide appropriate front-to-rear brake balance, when used with our front gravel brake kit. This gives the option to use a single tandem master cylinder, OEM, floor mounted or otherwise. Removing the necessity for more complex and costly dual master cylinder, balance bar equipped pedal assemblies. Of course, you can use these setup's of you choose.

Each kit includes:

  • 2x PFC ZR94-330 "high clearance" calipers (29.0mm | 36.5mm pistons)
  • 2x rear caliper adapter brackets
  • 2x rotor assemblies
    • 2x PFC 294mm x 28mm V3 rotors
    • 2x stainless steel retaining ring
    • 2x hard anodized rotor hat
  • 1 set of PFC 7915 race pads, 39 compound
  • 2x (03AN) HEL Performance braided brake lines
  • Hardware and assembly instructions

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